World History I

Below in the subpages you will find important material for this class.  There are my chapter notes; use them only as a study-guide and you may NOT use them to make your own notes (you will receive a zero if you do).  To help you take notes are blank outlines if you are having trouble taking notes on your own.  If you've forgotten your book, the chapters are there.  Though they are not required, a vocabulary sheet for each chapter  is available as well as MP3's of the lessons.  Finally, there are several PowerPoint's which will be used during class and if you want to see them more closely they are here for you.

                                                            Chapter 1 Human Beginnings                         Chapter 9 China's Civilizations

                                                            Chapter 2 Early Civilizations                           Chapter 10 Byzantines & Slavs

                                                            Chapter 3 Kingdoms of Mid. East                    Chapter 11 Islamic Civilizations

                                                            Chapter 4 Rise of Ancient Greece                    Chapter 12 Rise of Medieval Europe

                                                            Chapter 5 Height of Greek Civilization            Chapter 13 Medieval Europe at Its Height

                                                            Chapter 6 Ancient Rome & Early Christianity   Chapter 14 East & South Asia

                                                            Chapter 7 African Civilizations                        Chapter 15 The Americas

                                                            Chapter 8 India's Civilizations                         Chapter 16 Renaissance & Reformation